Further to the successful grant funding application from the national Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, the leisure facility programme of works is now taking shape. The £2.3 million grant will be spent installing Solar PV, battery storage and building management system upgrades at three buildings as part of our emerging Carbon Action Plan. Gas boilers at Newton Abbot Leisure Centre and the Lido will be replaced with low-carbon air source heat pumps and pool circulation pumps will be replaced with high-efficiency modern equivalents. Lighting systems at Broadmeadow will be upgraded with modern LED equivalents throughout. Broadmeadow will also be benefiting from a new roof over the sports hall during the works programme.

To accommodate the works, please note the following for each site;

Broadmeadow Sports Centre - we are back open!

We back open at Broadmeadow Sports Centre for gym, squash and exercise classes. Please note, due to the continued works taking place, there are exercise classes take place at Broadmeadow Sports Centre whilst others still remain in the Unit. 

Location information is available in the class descriptions on the app and website.

Newton Abbot Leisure Centre

  • The works commence in November 2021 and will continue to March 2022.

  • There is no planned disruption to the services, so business as usual and no excuses for not going to the gym, taking a class or a swim!

Teignmouth Lido

Following the successful award of grant funding under the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme earlier in Spring 2021, we continue to progress the decarbonisation project at our leisure sites, including Teignmouth Lido. The project has been held up by statutory consents, including planning consents and liaisons with Western Power Distribution. The project scope still includes solar photovoltaics, battery energy storage, energy metering and replacing gas boilers with an air source heat pump. Please bear with us whilst we work towards completing the project in the Spring of 2022. Please visit our Teignbridge Leisure website, download the Teignbridge Leisure app and follow us on social media for the latest updates.

  • The works commence 27th October 2021 and will continue to March 2022.

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