Gym Instructors

Our instructors are on hand to help you start your gym journey!

Our qualified and friendly staff are here to help you achieve your goals.  You'll start with the gym journey, a series of one to one sessions, and we have plenty of opportunity for you to talk with our instructors on the gym floor, or even book in for a personal training session.

Personal Training 

Book in for a one to one session with one of our Personal Trainers who will help you achieve your health and well being goals!

  • Want to feel good? 

  • Have a clear mind? 

  • Want to lose weight?

  • Increase muscle tone?

  • Increase fitness and stamina?

  • Improve your general well being?

  • Need that extra motivation and guidance?

Personal training is a great way to help you achieve your health, well being and fitness goals.  Sessions are tailored to your needs and our qualified instructors will help you optimise your results through understanding exactly what you would like to achieve.  You may just be looking for a one-off session to offer you some new ideas, such as new exercises or perhaps new training methods, or you may wish to book a series of training sessions where your Personal Trainer could create you a training programme and deliver some practical sessions designed to maximise your results and motivation.

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