1.  Your membership card must be presented at reception on every visit.
  2. All activities are subject to availability and Shaldon Golf reserve the right to cancel, amend, suspend or withdraw activities at any time.
  3. Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  4. Facilities may become unavailable, e.g. due to adverse weather or planned maintenance etc. These will be advertised
  5. prior to closure where possible.
  6. Shaldon Golf reserve the right to amend the Terms & Conditions however reasonable notice will be given. Our latest
  7. version of the Terms & Conditions will be available on the website.
  8. All correspondence regarding your membership should be in writing and sent to: Resort Admin, Environment &
  9. Leisure Services, Teignbridge District Council, Forde Road Offices, Forde Road, Newton Abbot
  10. TQ12 4AD or emailed to: ts@teignbridge.gov.uk


  1. The Direct Debit agreement is a legally binding contract between you and Shaldon Golf. It represents a commitment
  2. by you to remain a member for at least the minimum term and pay all membership fees due.
  3. All Direct Debit memberships are for a minimum six month contract period and will automatically continue until cancelled. 

Being a member

  1. Shaldon Golf will allow you to change to a new Direct Debit membership within the minimum term agreement.
  2. A new signed agreement will be required and a new six month minimum term will apply.
  3. A £12.50 charge will be made for all failed Direct Debit collections.
  4. Failure to pay all applicable charges will result in debt recovery actions being invoked.
  5. Memberships will only be suspended on proven medical grounds, or at the discretion of
  6. the Resort Manager. Suspensions must be for full months. Only one suspension is permitted within any twelve month
  7. The Direct Debit must not be cancelled during your suspension, as payments will need to re-start on your return to active membership


  1. From signing there is a 14 day cooling period where you may cancel this agreement.
  2. Notice of cancellations must be in writing to Resort Admin. Please refer to point 6 for the address.
  3. The earliest cancellation date will be the end of the payment period in which the six-month term expires.
  4. After the six months this contract will continue to roll.
  5. All memberships will run to the last day of the month.
  6. Notice of cancellation must be given and made prior to the 16th of the month. You must not cancel the Direct Debit
  7. instruction until this notice period has expired as all payments due within the notice period must be made. It is your
  8. responsibility to ensure you have given Shaldon Golf effective notice.

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