We understand that life can get busy and circumstances can change. That's why we want to make it as convenient as possible for you to manage your membership. We are pleased to offer you the flexibility to freeze your membership, ensuring that you can take a break from your regular routine without any worries.

Freezing your membership allows you to temporarily suspend your payments and access to our leisure centre facilities. Whether you're going on a holiday, dealing with a personal commitment or need some time off, our freeze option gives you this flexibility.

Submit Freeze Request

Please note the following important details:

  1. You can freeze your membership for any reason. Freeze confirmations will be confirmed within 5 working days. 
  2. The freeze can start at any point of the month for the whole month. You can freeze for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months. For example 23rd January to the 22nd February (1 month freeze).
  3. If the freeze requires an extension, please submit another freeze request form 5 working days before your freeze end date.
  4. Your membership will automatically unfreeze and revert to your monthly rate on the date specified on your confirmation email.
  5. If you wish to unfreeze your account before your freeze end date, please email leisurememberships@teignbridge.gov.uk with your new return date, your full name and date of birth.
  6. The Direct Debit must not be cancelled during your freeze period.  
  7. A membership freeze fee will be charged at £5 per month (applies to membership packages purchased from 2017). 
    • For example: Direct Debit members will automatically be charged £5 per month for the duration of the freeze.
    • Annual members will be charged the full fee at the time of the freeze request confirmation. For example, freeze for 3 months at £5 per month, equals £15 to pay. This can be paid off via your My Profile Account.
  8. Any outstanding debts must be paid before a freeze can take place.
  9. If your account is in a pending or inactive status, please contact reception.
  10. The team will confirm your freeze request via email within 5 working days.  

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